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Click HERE to learn about Sapphilite

Post by Colajda » is a forum dedicated to celebrate female sexuality & art, more specifically, G/G erotica/lesbian porn. If this description is appealing to you and you happen to be 18 or older, you may wish to register to gain access to the forum. To join, please read the following:

1. Registration

Registration is a simple process and if you follow these simple instructions you should have no problems gaining access to the forums:

a. First complete and submit the registration form. A valid Gmail, Yahoo etc. can be used.

b. Now check your email for the registration confirmation email which will contain your registration and login details. Check that the confirmation email has not been filtered as SPAM and is placed in a separate folder! If you don't have such a folder and you don't have access to your SPAM-settings and you haven't received a confirmation mail, then create a mail-account at a free email provider (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc). The majority of these are confirmed to work.

c. Wait for your registration to be validated by an admin. If you have used a non-existing/non-working mail-address you'll not get validated.

d. Login on the forum. If you don't do that within three days after validation, your membership will be deleted.

2. Creating a Profile:

Once you have finished registration, feel free to create a profile for yourself. Feel free to add your age, location, uploading an avatar or creating a special signature for your profile. Since we are devoted to a completely anonymous and hassle-free experience, please don't use your real name, address or anything personal unless you are comfortable with such knowledge being available to the site members. For your safety, email addresses of registered users will not be viewable to members of the site apart from the administrators in case of an emergency. We encourage creativity, so let your zany side out and show us your real colors.

Appreciate the uploader's hard work by at least saying Thank You!
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